Leo1106DC Electronic Hand Washing Faucet

Leo1106DC Electronic Hand Washing Faucet

Leo1106DC Electronic Hand Washing Faucet
Leo1106DCElectronic Hand Faucet
  • Description

Sensor Activated Electronic Hand Washing Faucet for hot and cold water operation


  • Product features

Sensor Activated, Electronic, Chrome Plated Constructed Metal, Hand Washing

  • Optional integral temperature control lever allows the user to adjust the water temperature.
  • Double infrared sensor has automatic setting feature and microprocessor.
  • Optional feature enables user to control operation, such as allowing water to flow continuously or to shut off temporarily for maintenance.
  • Modular One-piece Construction with all Concealed Components above deck.
  • Automatic Self-adapting Sensor Technology.
  • Appropriate Mounting Hardware included.
  • Includes 6 VDC Lithium Battery Back-up Power Source.
  • Technical Information

    1 Power Supply DC6V(CR-P2) lithium battery)(Could be installed before leaving factory)
    2 Recognize Range 5-22cm adjust automatically
    3 Applicable water pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa (8PSI-120PSI)
    4 Water supply temperature: Adjustable safe temperature
    5 Water inlet pipe diameter: G1/2″
    6 Applicable water temperature: 1-90°C
    7 Recognition time <1s
    8 Protection class IP54



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